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Klasselotteriet Q8 Siemens HK Deloitte

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Generate new leads and activate your customers

Generate new leads

Capture visitors on your site with a competition, or use the Christmas Countdown as a central part of your Christmas communication.

From Facebook users to leads

Convert social media users to mailing list sign-ups. Use email as a much cheeper and effective way to target your messages to individual users.

Get to know your customers better

By asking the right questions, you can target your messages better. All answers you collect can be exported or synchronized live.

Create multiple touchpoints

Each touchpoint can carry your sales pitch. Conversions typically happens after 5 touchpoints or more.

Julekal example

Your campaign is next to ready, even before you get started!

Easy to set up

Simply upload your graphics, and place your questions, and you are ready to go!

Everything can be customized

Colors, typography, pictures and every piece of text can be updated to your preference. We can even make changes to your HTML template for special requests.

Flexible prize types

Set up your prizes as you like. Find a winner among correct answers, participants in a specific period of time, or a number of other scenarios. You can even use our lottery ticket system for your main prize to award participants more chances for each correct answer in the competition.

We have worked hard,
so you can sit back and relax

The Christmas Countdown runs automatically, and we made it easy to manage. No reason for stress this Christmas...

Julekal backend

See how well it works

Follow your campaign progress

Follow your participants on our detailed statistics page. Integrate your campaign with Google Analytics and track the users as they continue to your own website.

Participant insights

If you ask for zip code and age on sign up, you can see the location and age distribution of your participants.

Follow your resulting sales

Insert a tracking pixel on your website and see each sale or registration generated by your campaign.

Export your participant list

At anytime you can export a list of all your new permissions as a CSV-file. You can include all their data including answers and import them into your own email database or CRM-system.

Julekal statistics

New in 2017

Multi challenge

Ask multiple questions in succession.

Find the gnome

Create a gnome hunting game that drives traffic to your website.

Instant Prizes

Let the users know right away if they have won.

Referral statistics

See which one of your traffic sources performs best.

See the entire list


  • Ask multiple questions in succession.

Confirmed email addresses

  • See which users has confirmed their email address by opening a mail or clicking a link.
  • The confirmation status is exported in your CSV-file.

Web hooks

  • Sync new leads directly to your CRM tool.
  • Multiple web hooks available.
  • Conditional web hooks that only activates if certain conditions are met.

Facebook Share statstistics

  • See how many are sharing your campaign.

Test Users

  • Mark users as test users.
  • Test users are not counted towards the statistics and can not be chosen as winners.

Conversion Tracking

  • Embed a tracking pixel on your own website and follow the users from the competition to your own website through ordering and purchases.
  • Discover how multiple exposures throughout your competition slowly but surely persuades leads to become customers (attribution marketing).

Autofill sign up fields via URL

  • If you already have the name and email address for a user, e.g. when linking to the signup page from a newsletter, you can now pre-fill those fields.

User details saved locally

  • For campaigns where the users completes a challenge before registering, we now save the registration details so the users doesn't have to enter them more than once on the device.
  • This feature is useful if you send out daily reminder emails yourself.

Instant Prizes

  • Award extra prizes where the users can see right away if they have won.

Signup Field Prizes

  • Award extra prizes based on what the users have answered upon signup, e.g. if they accept an extra newsletter or agrees to be called on the phone.

Linked Prizes

  • Uddel præmier ud fra en anden vinders signup-felter. Fx. ud fra lokation/postnummer, et favorit fodboldhold eller andet de har svaret på ved signup. Bruges til udlodning af sidegevinster.

Treasure Hunt

  • Hide treasures on your own website for the users to find. When a user finds a treasure, she can participate in the daily challenge.
  • The tresures can change page daily
  • You only need to insert a link and an images on the pages on your site that you want to feature the treasure.
  • The Treasure Hunt runs automatically once it has been set up.

Referral statistics

  • See what traffic sources drives most traffic to your campaign.
  • Use either referral domains or UTM fields.

Bounced mail and spam complaint statistics

Age distribution

  • If you ask your participants to enter their birth year or birth data on sign up, you can see the age distribution in the statistics.

Geographic distribution

  • Along with the geographic distribution based on IP addresses, you can now see the geographic distribution based on zip code, if you ask for zip code or address on signup.

Minor improvements

  • Timeline to show campaign progress in administration dashboard.
  • Pagination added to the active subscribers list.
  • Most important signup data is now shown in the list of latest subscribers.
  • Better warnings if a campaign day is missing content.
  • Statistics now show total number of emails sent as well as number of confirmations emails sent.

Used by top brands, including

Call Me Sony Trendsales Klasselotteriet SAS Institute Citroën
We have been using Julekal for several years, with great succes. The system is flexible and easy to manage, and it can withstand the pressure of our thousands of subscribers. Therefore, of course, we have chosen Julekal again this year.

Tomas Kruse, Online Koordinator

Why use Julekal and not just Facebook?

We recommend using Facebook as a channel for exposure and a Julekal campaign with daily emails to capture leads and ensure repeat visits.

Most often the conversion from lead to customer happens after several exposures to your sales message. Daily emails encourages the leads to come back to your campaign every day in a cost effective way.



without daily email


with daily email
Interactions per post/day 6.7 %i
According to Agorapulse Barometer
39 %i
Based on Julekal campaigns in 2017
71 %i
Based on Julekal campaigns in 2016 and in 2017
Number of interactions for each users over 24 days 1.61 9.36 17.04
Users that convert to customers after campaign sign up. 1.3 %i
Based on Julekal campaigns in 2017
4.9 %i
Based on Julekal campaigns in 2017

Use email better

While social media and AdWords get all the attention at the moment, don't forget that email can be an extremely cost effective sales driver.

According to leading experts, email use is much closer to the purchase decision than other channels. A fact the makes it essential not the neglect your email strategy.

An important aspect in successful email campaigns is to target your customers to increase relevance. Use your Julekal campaign not only to get more permissions, but also to learn more about your subscribers.




Last click before a sale 1.8 %i
According to Custora E-Commerce Pulse Holidata 2015
17.7 %i
According to Custora E-Commerce Pulse Holidata 2015
20 %i
According to Custora E-Commerce Pulse Holidata 2015
Turnover per sale, compared to Facebook 1 xi
According to McKinsey & Company
1,17 xi
According to McKinsey & Company
New customers, compared to Facebook 1 xi
According to McKinsey & Company
40 xi
According to McKinsey & Company

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More functionalities

Responsive icon

Mobile and tablet optimized

Almost half receives emails on a mobile unit, and the tendency keeps increasing. Both our web- and email templates are fully responsive, and works great on both mobile devices and desktops.

Prize icon

Many prize types

Choose if your prize should be selected between all correct answers, all contestants during a given period of time, or give a winning lottery ticket for each correct answer. Julekal has all the possibilities — you decide.

Statistics icon


With Julekal you can always keep track of detailed user statistics. By placing your Google Analytics account, you can integrate the statistics, and track the participants journey as they move on to your own site.

Facebook icon

Facebook integration

Add the sign up page for your Advent Calendar to your Facebook page. The contestants will still receive a daily email — it decreases the drop outs and makes your online campaign more effective.

Scaleable icon


Wether you have 100 or 500.000 sign ups for your campaign makes no difference... In fact the more sign ups you have, the cheaper the price gets. Julekal is hosted in the cloud on servers with at least 99.9 % uptime.

Segmented mailing icon

Segmented broadcast

Our servers can easily handle 100.000 subscribers in ten minutes... Can yours? If you link to your own website, it can be a good idea to send out the reminder emails over the course of hours so your systems can keep up. This is simple to set up in Julekal.

Automated icon

Fully automated

All from selecting winners, notifying them and the support team, to replacing the sign up page after the campaign ends can be automated with Julekal. All you have to do is enter your content into the system and we will take care of all the hard work.

Customer service support icon

Help your Customer service.

A small percentage of users will always have questions. Maybe they unsubscribed by mistake, or they misspelled their email address. Julekal gives your costumer service access to search among the contestants to help them correct possible errors.

Export users icon

Export subscribers

When the campaign is finished you can download a CVS file with all the contestants and their answers. It makes it easy to import the leads directly into your own email database.

Customizable templates icon

Create your own templatesBETA

If you are a technically advanced user you can use Julekal as the backend engine, and create your own HTML templates from the bottom up. You can even add a small CMS which makes it easy to edit the campaign content.

API icon

Signup via API

You can integrate campaign sign ups in banners and on campaign sites by using Julekals simple API. You can also request a "call back" to your own API for each sign-up. It is easy.

SMS icon

Signup via SMS

Perfect for printed material. Your users signs up for the Christmas Countdown by sending a SMS with their email address. This way they never even have to visit the webpage.

See how

Julekal is designed to create a finished and ready-to-go campaign by using very few graphics and settings. You can find a guide on how to design the material in our Help Center.

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