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Klasselotteriet Q8 Siemens HK Deloitte

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Easy to manage

Creating your own Advent Calendar, has never been easier.

Simply upload your graphics, and place your questions, and you are ready to go!

With Julekal you can have it your way. You can place the doors yourself, and if you have special requirements, you can create your own template.

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Easy to manage

We did all the work, so you dont have to worry.

The Christmas Countdown runs automatically, and we made it easy to handle..

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You can easily extract and inform winners.

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You can see each detail for every single user.

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You kan always keep track of what content has been approved.

Used by among others

Call Me Sony Trendsales Klasselotteriet SAS Institute Citroën
We have been using Julekal for several years, with great succes. The system is flexible and easy to manage, and it can withstand the pressure of our thousands of subscribers. Therefore, of course, we have chosen Campaigns again this year.

Tomas Kruse, Online Koordinator

7 good reasons

to use Campaigns and not your Facebook page for campaigning

63 %

of all Campaign's contestins in 2015, opened the daily question. — For Facebook competitions, the interaction rate is only ~ 7 %

(According to Agorapulse Barometer)

40 x

more new costumers through email campaigns compared to social media — and 17 % more sales per conversion

(According to McKinsey & Company)

20 %

shopped, in december 2015, directly online through e-mail marketing — only 1,8 % shopped through social media and 17,7 % from AdWords

(According to Custora)

94 %

of our customers gained new email permissions with Campaigns. — The rest used the campaign internal

(Surveyed customers)

9 %

of Campaign's contestins updated their existing contact informations. — So use Campaigns to improve your data with eg. interests or postal code

(Surveyed customers)

35 %

of your Facebook followers has liked your page to participate in competitions — So use Facebook to gain sign ups to your campaign. It is easy to manage

(According to BufferApp)


messages are being sendt to Julekal contestins, including sign ups- and completion mails — and that is with a industri leading openrate at over 65 %

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From 7 ¢ per sign up


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Sign ups

Including premium templates, custom domain and setup-support.

For other request, feel free to call +45 70 70 13 17

More functions

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Mobile and tablet-optimized

Almost 50% receives emails on a mobile unit, and the tendency keeps encreasing. Both our web- and email templates are fully responsive, and works great on both mobile devices and desktops.

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Many prize types

Choose if your prize should be withdrawn among all correct answers, all contestins in a period of time, or give a winning lottery ticket for each correct answer. Julekal has all the possibilities — you decide.

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With Julekal, you can always keep track of detailed user statistics. By placing your Google Analytics account, you can integrate the statistic, and track the participant's journey as they move on to your own site.

Facebook icon

Facebook integration

Upload the sign up page for your Advent Calandar to your Facebook page, and harvest likes. The contestins will continiously receive a daily email — it decreases the drop outs and makes your online campaign more effective.

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OWhatever you have 100 or 500.000 sign ups for your campaign makes no difference... In fact the more sign ups you have, the cheaper the price gets. Julekal is hosted in the cloud on servers with at least 99.9 % uptime.

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Segmented broadcast

Our servers can easily handle 100.000 receivers in ten minutes, can yours? If you link to your own website, it can be a good idea to send out your emails during the day, to release the preassure. This can simply be managed at Julekal.

Automated icon

Fully automated

All from choosing the winners, notifying the winners and the supportteam, to the changing of the sign up page after the campaign ends can be automated with Julekal. All you do is place your content in the system, and we will do all the work.

Customer service support icon

Help your Customer service.

A small percentage of users will always have questions. Maybe they unsubscribed by mistake, or they misspelled their email adress. Julekal easily gives your costumer service acces to search among the contestins to help them correct possible errors.

Export users icon

Export subsribers

When the campaign is finished, you can collect an CVS-file with all the contestins and their answers. It makes it easy to import the leads directly to your own email database.

Customizable templates icon

Create your own templatesBETA

If you are a technically advanced user, you can use Julekal as the engine, and create your own HTML templates from the bottom. You can even add a small CMS, which makes it easy to edit the campaign content.

API icon

Signup via API

You can integrate campaign sign ups in banners and on campaign sites, by using Julekals simple API. You can also request a "call back" to your own API for each sign-up. It is easy.

SMS icon

Signup via SMS

Perfect for print material. Your users signs up for the Christmas Countdown by sending an SMS with their email adress — In that way, they dont even have to visit the webpage.

See how

Julekal is designed to create a finished and ready-to-go campaign by using very few graphics and settings. You can find a guide on how to design the material in our Help Center.

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